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ültje International Confectionery Trade Fair ISM 2013

International ültje ültje International Confectionery Trade Fair ISM 2013 International 150x150Free give-aways, competitions and seasonal products: In 2013, ültje will be presenting 8 exciting promotions

In 2013, our ültje promotions will never stop catching the attention of every snack lover. Nut specialist ültje will impress with powerful campaigns and unexpected nut compositions. As a climax, ültje will be sending the most dedicated entrants of the annual promotion to the five nut continents around the globe. This will turn ültje nuts into personal party highlights for 2013, ensuring nutty moments and a whole bag of fun with friends.

1) February to April 2013: The first PLUS of the year: “ültje Roasted & Salted Peanuts”

This ültje classic is well on the way to becoming an institution at the start of the year! Thanks to our annual promotion programme with many campaigns, this tasty tin will now provide for an even greater number of crunchy moments. For the duration of the campaign, every 200 g tin of “ültje Roasted & Salted Peanuts” will contain 50 g gratis. ültje will be offering this top class energy boost from February to April.

2) April to June: Snack, collect, take off – probably the most airborne promotion of all time!

In its annual promotion for 2013, ültje will be sending snack lovers to the 5 nut continents with a “Snack & Fly” prize draw from April to June. Every packet contains a code. Enjoy a snack, check in, collect them and take off – fun guaranteed!

After registering at www.snack-and-fly.de, entrants can enter their code from the promotional package to find out which continent is concerned. Collecting all five continents in your virtual passport will then give you a chance to win the main prize: At the end of the campaign period, ültje will be holding a raffle where every entrant can win one of five DERTOUR trips, one to each nut continent.

But every entrant will automatically be a winner if the trip to one of the five nut continents should fail to materialize. Immediately upon registration and entry of the first code, he or she will benefit from an instant prize of 50 Pixum photo prints.

Over and beyond this, ültje will also be awarding further prizes to all entrants, depending on how many continents they have managed to collect: If they have four continents they can win one of 20 trolley sets by Stratic, if they have three continents they can win one of 100 toilet bags by reisenthel, and if they have two continents they might soon be able to call one of 200 Snack & Fly suitcase straps their own.

This prize draw will involve many ültje products such as, for example, “Roasted & Salted Peanuts” in the 200 g tin and 500 g bag, “Dry Roasted Peanuts” in the 190 g tin and “Unsalted Peanuts” in the 200 g bag, as well as “Salt & Honey Cashew-Peanut Mix”, “Shelled Pistachios” and “Salted Cashew Nuts”.

3) May to July: A top class PLUS: Over half a kilo of peanuts!

For the start of the swimming and party season, ültje will come up with a special top-class PLUS, starting from May. Gone are the days when nut lovers fell into a panic if the entire family turned up to their garden party unannounced, or neighbours simply invited themselves. And no nut fan will be bereft of their fair share any longer when friends and acquaintances expand their picnic blanket to stadium size with their towels at the lido. This is because more than half a kilo of peanuts is quite enough for everyone! From May until July, the 500 g bag of ültje “Roasted & Salted Peanuts” will contain an added 10 percent, ensuring a large helping at a small price.

4) June to August: A seasonal PLUS: The nut surprise “ültje Crispers Russian Roulette”

In summer 2013, ültje will be surprising the Crispers fan community with 125 g of taste, risk and thrills. The new ültje mix is called “Crispers Russian Roulette” and will be daring nut fans from June to August. Every pick from the bag promises a fiery prize, namely a tasty, coated peanut. The risk comes in when you dare to taste it. A strong bite is of the essence, comparable to checking if a gold coin is genuine. This is because their true spiciness will not be revealed until the first bite – slightly spicy or extremely hot chilli. This will help ültje land the summer’s top mix in a playful manner. So while lucky athletes will be biting their gold at the World Athletics Championship in Moscow, all nut-loving people will be able to enjoy their very own Russian game!

5) June to August: The clever PLUS: Trail Mix with 30 g for free

The final spurt of the semester? Final project conclusion before a well-earned holiday? Grand final exam? Lone holiday replacement job? ültje’s trail mix will be with you, always! At a time of the year when everybody is in need of that little bit of extra energy, the classic ültje “Original Trail Mix” will be bolstered by a free additional 30 g from June to August. A sum total of 230 g of nuts and raisins will help you get through the long days and provide extra energy for what is really important in life – long nights and the summer feeling. Carpe diem is the motto of the day for fans of our delicious mix!

6) September to November: Peanuts with a PLUS, but without salt

September is when the days start getting shorter, and temperatures drop. But the autumn months are still a pleasure nonetheless! While the trees turn multicoloured, every snack break taken amongst rustling leaves can rely on the “Roasted Unsalted Peanuts” from ültje. And even if the weather should refuse to play along, these unsalted peanuts will bring nature to the comfort of your home. Our roasted unsalted peanuts will also come prepared for the shorter days, however, the nut supply in the 200 g packet will grow to 240 g from September to November, ensuring cosy evenings with nuts.

7) October to December: The savoury PLUS of the year: “ültje Dry-Roasted Peanuts”

ültje will be celebrating the end of the year with a spicy bumper pack. All fans of high-spirited New Year’s celebrations can hence count on a free extra 50 g of “ültje Dry-Roasted Peanuts” for the party night of the year. From October to December, the 190 g tin will contain a whopping 240 g. Given that “Dry-Roasted Peanuts” cut a dash at events of any kind, besides crisps and pretzel sticks, this Plus is an absolute must for the crunchy final spurt of the ültje year 2013.

8) December 2013 to February 2014: A PLUS for the senses: Premiere of the “ültje Chilli & Chocolate Almond-Peanut Mix”

Starting from December, ültje will be rolling out the red carpet for the premiere of a new taste composition. In the company of Christmas presents and New Year’s concerts, ültje’s new “Almond & Peanut Mix” will hold its own with an exceptional variation of well-known ingredients. The basic tenor is provided by the duet of almonds and peanuts, finding a crescendo in chocolate and its counterpoint in fiery chilli. This symphony provides for an outstanding complement to the established cashew and peanut mix segment, and will not fail to move every nut devotee. ültje will be offering this particularly unusual flavour range to the fan community in a 150 g bag from December 2013 to February 2014.

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