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Tesco announces new lower price for milk

IMG-20110926-048391  Tesco announces new lower price for milk IMG 20110926 048391Tesco has today announced that the price of a four pint bottle of milk as been cut from £1.39 to £1 from Monday 3rd March, as part of the retailer’s focus on every day low prices on the products that matter most to its customers.

The announcement comes a week after Tesco cut prices on tomatoes, onions, peppers and cucumbers – like milk, these are products that are put into most customers’ shopping baskets.

The reductions mean that a customer buying four pints of milk; a kilo of carrots; a whole cucumber; a pack of salad tomatoes; a pack of three peppers and a bunch of salad onions every week will save more than £100 over a year.

Tesco has pledged that the prices that come down will stay down, as customers want to see more stable pricing from supermarkets.

Customers at Tesco also benefit from Price Promise, which is the only scheme that matches prices on fresh food, own label and branded products and provides a voucher for customers online and before they leave the store – making sure they never lose out.

The new lower price for milk has no impact on the price Tesco pays to the milk farmers in its pioneering Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group (TSDG).  Around 650 farmers supply milk to Tesco, and the price Tesco pays for the milk is set independently twice a year.

The price is always above the cost of production, ensuring that their business turns a profit so they can plan and invest for the future.

John Scouler, Tesco Commercial Director, said: “We care about our milk and where it comes from, which is why we set up the TSDG.  We promise that our farmers will always be paid a fair and independently agreed price for their milk, so they can invest in the future of their farms and provide higher welfare standards for their cows.  When our customers buy their milk at Tesco, they can be confident that it’s responsibly sourced and at a fair price for all.”

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