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FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre assessed as highly sustainable

frieslandcampina  FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre assessed as highly sustainable frieslandcampina 300x200Today, the brand-new FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre in Wageningen obtained the three-star New Buildings Certificate. The three stars stand for ‘very good’ and this demonstrates the high sustainability level of the building. Gerard Menting, Corporate Real Estate Director at FrieslandCampina, and Jan de Ruijter, Project Director of Hurks Real Estate Development, received the certificate from Stefan van Uffelen, Director of the Dutch Green Building Council.


The sustainability aspects in the building, which was officially opened on Wednesday 16 October, were applied in close cooperation between FrieslandCampina, Hurks and the Arcadis firm of consulting engineers. The newly built complex features a number of innovative energy concepts, such as heat and cold storage, photovoltaic cells and a sustainable air conditioning system. Renewable energy is also generated using biogas from affiliated dairy farms based on a certificate system.

Gerard Menting of FrieslandCampina: ‘FrieslandCampina makes high demands with respect to sustainability. During the construction process, the designers and builders took our specific user requirements in connection with sustainability into account. For example, besides constructing the building in a sustainable way, they incorporated many provisions that stimulate sustainable behaviour among the users as well. Charging points for electric cars have been provided and the centre is easy to reach by bicycle and public transport.’

Jan de Ruijter of Hurks Real-Estate Development added: ‘Hurks always opts for an integrated approach towards sustainability in its projects. Energy saving, responsible use of materials and future-proof efficiency all play key roles and have been successfully integrated into the innovative building and energy concept of the FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre.’

Stefan van Uffelen of the Dutch Green Building Council: ‘The FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre is a special project, because it is the first completed building that has been assessed using the BREEAM-NL Bespoke process (maatwerktraject). The reason for this is the laboratory function in the building. FrieslandCampina is the ultimate example for other laboratories in the Netherlands to raise their sustainability levels too.’

Low energy consumption The energy consumption in the new complex is 25% below the norm specified by the government. The centre also includes energy-saving installations and equipment. Heat is recycled. Movement and daylight sensors automatically turn down the air conditioning system when rooms are empty. On the basis of a ‘green certificates’ system, green energy produced by FrieslandCampina’s own member dairy farmers is used.

Sustainable growth Sustainability is top priority in FrieslandCampina’s route2020 strategy and it is achieved through energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and reduction of the carbon footprint through measures ranging from sustainable dairy farming to sustainable purchasing and from green ICT to sustainable offices and plants.

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