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Coca-Cola Enterprises celebrates female careers in the industrial sector

coca-cola-summer  Coca-Cola Enterprises celebrates female careers in the industrial sector coca cola summer

Last week, as part of celebrations taking place for International Women’s Day, our factory in Castanet-Tolosan, France opened its doors to young graduates from the region, in partnership with the NQT Association.

This manufacturing site in Castanet-Tolosan is particularly special to us as it is the first of our French factories to be led by a woman. We hope that by allowing young women to see inside the site and meet with local employees, we will be promoting the opportunity to seek employment in an industry that is too often perceived as male dominated.

Encouraging women to choose the industrial sector

With five production sites in France and 44% of our total workforce being in manufacturing and supply chain roles, we have designed several programs to encourage more women in France to consider traditionally male-dominated careers:

  • Passeport pour l’Emploi (‘Passport to Employment’), which provides nearly 1,500 girls from schools and high schools each year with the opportunity to learn more about Coca-Cola Enterprises and all the different job possibilities that a business like ours offers;
  • A partnership with the ‘Déployons nos Elles’ program, which raises awareness about industrial careers among schoolgirls.

Our commitment to women

At Coca-Cola Enterprises, we have set ourselves specific objectives around Diversity and Inclusion and have already taken significant steps:

  • In 2013 we signed the ‘Gender Parity in Business’ charter for professional equality with the French minister for women’s rights, Mrs. Najat Belkacem-Vallaud;
  • We have no pay gap between men and women in equal positions with equal professional qualifications (based on an annual survey);
  • Women represent 33% of our Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors;
  • Gender parity is progressing across management positions: for instance, half of the managers at our factory in Clamart, France are women;
  • Our factory in Castanet-Tolosan is the first ever CCE site in France to be directed by a woman – Laurence Vanparis, who has been director since October 2013;
  • In 2010, we created an internal women network called ‘Elles@Coke’ in order to promote exchanges between women managers.


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