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TOMRA launches the Falcon: the cost-effective pre-sorter for the fresh cut industry

“Is TOMRA able to develop a cost-efficient pre-sorting machine for the fresh cut industry? A sorting machine that detects and removes unwanted material before the product enters the processing line?” The fresh cut industry popped this question to TOMRA. In its ongoing pursuit of a customer-oriented sorting solution and bound by a tight deadline, TOMRA met the industry’s expectations and is proud to present ...

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Birds Eye take a fresh approach

When Clarence Birdseye first noted the beneficial effects of quick freezing back in the 1910s, it would have been impossible to envisage the enormous impact he would have on our ability to access fresh food all year round. Back in 1952 a complete Birds Eye frozen foods production unit was set up in Lowestoft. Today there are four factories, producing 120,000 tons of premium branded frozen products that it i ...

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On-site nitrogen leads to huge savings in modified atmosphere packaging applications

In today’s global market place there is an increasing demand for fresh food produce with consumers expecting an increasing selection of foods in a “just produced” condition.  This is demanded regardless of season and location and all at competitive, affordable prices. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is a vital component for much of the food and beverage industry and is used to extend shelf life and main ...

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Seafood packer invests in X-ray inspection of scallops

A French seafood packer has installed an Ishida X-ray inspection system to monitor frozen scallops before they enter the packing process. Aside from its contribution to quality control, the new system is seen as an important marketing tool because of the reassurance it provides to customers. Every year Packopale, based at Boulogne-sur-Mer, packs up to 8,000 tonnes of frozen seafood, including shrimp, seafoo ...

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The Full Energy Circuit

Gain the benefits of the energy circuit with the newest innovation from Aasted A combination of the Nielsen Energy Enrober with our SuperNova Energy tempering machine will result in a reduction of up to 2/3 energy consumption.     Process benefits: Combined with our SuperNova Energy tempering machine energy savings is 50% or more. The tempering index and the temperature of the mass mixture are kep ...

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