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Cargill announces expansion of its special oils and fats plants

Cargill-Thumb  Cargill announces expansion of its special oils and fats plants Cargill ThumbCargill is investing nearly R$ 52 million to expand the production capacity of special oils and fats at its Itumbiara (GO) and Mairinque (SP) plants. The expansion is designed to keep up with rising customer demand and leverage the production of healthier food solutions for the food market, such as LéviaTM, a line of fats with reduced content of trans and saturated fats. The investment is scheduled for conclusion in the first half of 2014.

It will enable Cargill to expand by 35 percent its production capacity of special oils of the Liza, Purilev, and Mazola brands, in addition to vegetable fats. “The food market is growing and we are gearing up to meet the demand of our existing customers and win over new ones,” says Rafael Simões, Cargill’s commercial director for ingredients.

In order for its Mairinque plant to handle higher output of special oils, Cargill will invest in the expansion of the local storage and shipping areas. Additionally, the investment will benefit the fat packaging and bulk shipping area. At the Itumbiara plant, the investment will upgrade and optimize production facilities, to increase production capacity to better meet the rising market demand.

“The investment to upgrade the production plants will lead to greater energy savings and reinforce the high standard of quality of Cargill products,” says Simões.

Innovation and focus on the customer

Oils and fats are key ingredients in food formulation, because they provide flavor, softness, and texture to products such as breads, cakes and biscuits, pastry fillings, and ice cream. In 2011 Cargill opened the Latin America Innovation Center, which performs the necessary tests before products go into full production. Based in Campinas, the project features facilities and technical teams of different areas of knowledge, who in partnership with customers and universities develop innovative solutions and applications in the food area. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.cargill.com.br.

Recognized for its distinct solutions

Cargill is a pioneer in healthy vegetable oils and fats with reduced content of trans and saturated fats. The company is widely recognized for delivering distinct solutions that offer performance and healthiness, combined with top quality and strict food safety standards in the production process.

Solutions of the LéviaTM line preserve the characteristics of foods in their traditional versions, but provide zero trans fat in the food portion and up to 35 percent less saturated fat. Ingredients in this line are developed through a special technology, which combines vegetable oils. The formulation of each product in that line can be adjusted to meet the specific technical requirements of customers’ products.

According to the Brazil Food Trends 2020 survey, carried out by the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP) in partnership with the Food Technology Institute (ITAL), Brazilians have had healthier and more balanced diets. Consumers have been more restrained in their buying habits and prefer food of healthier origin and which provides better quality of life and benefits to their health and well being.

“Cargill is always watchful of new trends and has innovated by developing solutions with reduced content of trans and saturated fats for the Brazilian market. The LéviaTM line represents a solution for customers looking to develop healthier consumer products, with no changes to flavor or texture,” adds Simões.

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